Welcome to the Paul and Patristics Database.

This searchable database derives from research in early Christian use of the New Testament letters attributed to Paul (the database does not yet include the Pastoral Epistles). The early Christian materials are, at this point, limited to the first four centuries.

A portion of this database was first published in The Pauline Effect: Early Christian Use of the Pauline Epistles (De Gruyter, 2015). An expanded, searchable version is available on this site with more than 27,000 entries from over 200 extant works. It is a work in progress and we hope that through continued research and the contribution of those who use this site as a tool for their own research, this database will continued to be refined.

Another excellent resource that is also in progress has been produced by the COMPAUL project at the University of Birmingham. Their comprehensive database can be found here. We hope these projects can work together to increase the resources and data available to study the use of Pauline texts in early Christian writings.

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Strawbridge, Jennifer. Paul and Patristics Database. [Date accessed.] https://paulandpatristics.web.ox.ac.uk.